4 Unique Kid Activities in the Piedmont Triad You’ve Never Heard Of

From themed haircuts to afternoon tea parties, keep reading to discover just a few businesses that are dedicated to bringing laughter and unique experiences to your children…

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Quarry Park Adds New Adventures to Winston-Salem

The long awaited opening of Quarry Park off Reynolds Park Road in Winston-Salem happened on August 15, 2017, bringing amazing views and trails to our community. The park sits on over 200 acres of land donated by Vulcan materials and is a former mining site that has filled with water. Residents and visitors can expect wonderful views of downtown Winston-Salem, as well as a variety of amenities and trails. Here are just a few of the ways to enjoy what this latest addition to our amazing community has to offer…

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Ice Skating in the Piedmont Triad Winston Salem

For a region not known for regular heavy snowfall, the Piedmont Triad offers plenty of opportunities for cold-themed fun through ice skating opportunities nearby! Take a look at the schedules and surrounding activities for the options above and make plans to spend a unique afternoon or evening gliding along and laughing with friends and family!

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Sawtooth School for Visual Art: Gallery, Store and Classes

Nestled in the heart of downtown Winston-Salem is a building with a unique design. If you look at the roofline, you’ll see it almost appears as if someone has laid the hand saw of a giant on its back, with the teeth pointed towards the sky. Inside this building today, creative minds meld and learn in amazing ways. But when it was first built, the building housed creativity and ingenuity in a totally different manner…

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Salem Baking Company: A Local Sweet Treat

Winston-Salem has a rich history in Moravian traditions, with some of the best coming in the form of specialty baked goods and treats. Established in 1930, Salem Baking Company is a local supplier of true Moravian cookies, cheese straws, jellies/jams, and shortbread cookies just to name a few. Even if you don’t yet live in the area, chances are you’ve heard of Salem Baking as their goods are sold at wholesale to over 10,000 gourmet and natural food outlets nationwide. What a treat it is to know that their home base is right here in Winston-Salem, bringing jobs, culture, and tradition to our region. Let’s get to know a few of their featured treats better…

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3 Pitfalls Every Home Owner Should Avoid

It happens to all of us, we get tired of the space that surrounds us and long for fresh use. Maybe we moved into our current home during a different period in our lives or perhaps we discovered a new hobby we need space to explore. Regardless of why our space needs to be shifted, it can be tempting to jump feet first into home improvement projects that twist and turn our spaces in new manners. Some of these changes can certainly improve a home’s resale potential: updated kitchens and bathroom fixtures, neutral color paints, crown molding and added accent touches, for example. Other improvements can work wonders for us in the short-term or temporarily fulfill a need, but quickly fall short or cause friction when we decide to sell. Let’s explore 3 of the top caution zones…

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Holiday Festivities in the Winston-Salem Region

As temperatures fall and sweater weather envelops our region, as the leaves shift in colors and fall from the trees, it is the time of year for bonfires and marshmallows, traditions and adventures. The Winston-Salem area has lots to offer throughout the 2016 holiday season. The NC Triad offers many opportunities to take in culture and community, two of the best aspects of living in such a diverse and growing region.

Here are a few of my favorite seasonal traditions to get your started (listed in order of activity’s start date, from soonest to latest).

“The Wizard of Oz” by Carolina Theatre (Greensboro)

  • November 11-13 & 18-20
  • Fridays & Saturdays 7pm; Saturdays & Sundays 2pm
  • website

This year marks the 22nd annual production of this classic children’s tale of adventure. Immerse in the talent of over 100 local artists as they bring to life the adventures of Dorothy and her dog Toto in the Land of Oz. Always an adventure for all ages, the story never gets old and the lessons about what truly matters ring true always. The theater is in downtown Greensboro, NC.

Tanglewood Festival of Lights (Clemmons)

As one of the largest drive-thru light shows in the Southeast, the Tanglewood Festival of Lights in Clemmons, NC, is fun for the entire family. Now in its 25th season, enter the wonderland through arched lights that leap above your car and gaze at fields where scenes from the region come to life in fun and exciting manners. While there, take a moment to stop at the gift shop and explore crafts and enjoy some cider.

Old Salem Candlelight Tours (Winston-Salem)

  • November 18-19 & 25-26; December 2, 3, 9, 16, 17, 22 & 23
  • 6:30-8:30pm
  • Old Salem Visitor’s Center; 900 Old Salem Rd.; Winston-Salem
  • $40 per person
  • website

Whether you’ve been to Old Salem for the farmers’ market and festivities before or you are arriving for the first time, the candlelight tours offer an opportunity to watch the town come alive in a way like never before. Stroll along the Historic District and watch the customs and traditions of Salem re-enacted by period actors. Expect to eat, drink, and laugh your way through the experience, with special music, games, and plenty of chances to get to know the town and your fellow adventure seekers.

NC Harp Ensemble Holiday Concert (Winston-Salem)

  • November 20, 2016; 3-4pm
  • Old Salem Museum and Gardens/James Gray, Jr. Auditorium
  • 900 Old Salem Road; Winston-Salem
  • Free to public
  • website

Take in the sounds of the season in this rare free concert in the heart of Old Salem! Hear your favorite Christmas and Holiday tunes like never before as the harp ensemble brings fresh life into each arrangement. You’ll hear classics like “Sleigh Ride” and other arrangements too. Bring the whole family for an afternoon that fills your ears and heart with song.

Pilot Mountain Christmas (Pilot Mountain)

Explore over 4 acres and 750,000 lights in this walk-through display like no other. In its 50th and final edition, the amazing display is sponsored by Larry and Rachel Charpiat and is free to the public, including appearances by Santa Claus, opportunities to indulge in hot chocolate, and more. A wonderful tradition you don’t want to miss.

“A Christmas Carol” at Hanesbrands Theatre (Winston-Salem)

  • November 25-27 & 29-30; December 1-4 & 6-11
  • 209 North Spruce Street; Winston-Salem, NC
  • $10 and up per person
  • Triad Stage Website

Autumn and winter wouldn’t be complete without a viewing of Dicken’s insights into the true spirit of togetherness and the season of giving. Watch as the ghosts from past, present, and future visit Scrooge, teaching him to focus on others and to share his wealth generously with those who have helped him.

Take a look, and then give me a call at 336-575-7249 to chat more about your real estate needs as 2016 comes to a close.

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Top-Rated Elementary Schools in Winston Salem

Winston Salem offers a variety of education options for different types of learners and selecting property in the proper district can make a huge difference in the educational experience and opportunities for your children. From varied after school activities to social styles, look below for four top rated elementary schools in the Winston-Salem area…

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Animal Activities Near the Piedmont Triad

Sometimes you just want to see something that is a little out-of-the-ordinary and that offers a sense of adventure without going too far from home and the Piedmont Triad has plenty to offer in the way of animal adventures and special exhibits without a day’s drive. Although there are plenty of places to choose from, here are just a few of the upcoming exhibits and adventures that you can choose to enjoy as you go take in all the region has to offer…

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Animal Conservation Centers in Piedmont Triad NC

The Winston-Salem region offers all sorts of cultural events and opportunities to keep any family enthralled through every season. From hiking trails to painting, bowling to festivals, and concerts to museums, there is a little bit of something for everyone, with fresh events always on the horizon. One of the most interesting aspects of the area is the number of conservation and rehabilitation facilities focused on rescuing and providing quality environments for a variety of exotic and wild animals…

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March 2015 Events in NC Triad

Here in the Piedmont Triad, we know how to have a great time. As Spring arrives and nature begins to welcome fresh buds and beautiful color palettes, consider taking in a few of these unique and fun upcoming events! Remember, a house is more than sticks and bricks, it’s a place you can call home in the heart of a vibrant community. Take a look at these local events…

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Christmas Events in Winston Salem NC and Beyond

By now, the holiday season is in full swing and the opportunity to experience some of the spirit of community and celebration across the Triad abounds. Check out some of the best Christmas events in Winston Salem NC and throughout the Triad. Let’s start with Forsyth County and then a few great events in the surrounding counties…

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Walking and Enjoying Winston-Salem Parks

This time of year, the leaves turn a rainbow of colors and add to the beauty even more. I know how important it is to have walking trails and parks close-by. They let everyone in your family step into the outdoors, exercise, and enjoy picnics and recreation. Learn more about some of my favorite Winston-Salem parks and a few additional outdoor locales…

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4 Tips to Find the Best Multi-Family House Plans

Recent census data demonstrates that nearly 51 million Americans live in a household with at least two generations. It’s important to think through the top 4 areas you’ll need to consider when choosing between multi-family home plans in Winston-Salem…

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Three Must-See Triad Area Children's Museums

Thriving communities like the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina realize the vital role that safe and fun family-friendly activities play in building strong relationships and neighborhoods. Our area is bustling with things to do and places to explore. To get you started with some community options, check out my top picks for local, family-friendly children’s museums, and give me a call to learn how over 25 years of working in real estate has made me ideally suited to help you find your next home or sell your current property…

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