4 Unique Kid Activities in the Piedmont Triad You’ve Never Heard Of

From themed haircuts to afternoon tea parties, keep reading to discover just a few businesses that are dedicated to bringing laughter and unique experiences to your children…

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Adventures in Cycling in Winston Salem Area

As the weather continues to get warmer and the days are longer, enthusiasts and newcomers alike have plenty of opportunities around the Winston-Salem region to hop on a bicycle for a casual ride or power-packed loop that would leave any cyclist’s legs tired and satisfied. Whether you want a slow paced experience or something a bit faster, our area has a robust cycling culture that receives support from the City, corporations, clubs, and the public. Here are just a few of the ways you can explore our area via cycle.

City of Winston-Salem Parks & Trails


Located across the city parks, greenways, roadways, and trails, opportunities to navigate Winston-Salem by bicycle abound. See the website for special instructions on how you can even take your bike on City buses between legs of a longer trip. Once you learn the trails and rules of the road, you may find that you want to bike to work or events or even pack a picnic and bike to a park with friends. Check back at the link above regularly to see the initiatives to expand bike paths and rights of way.

Piedmont Flyers Cycling Club


For those looking for fellowship and group rides, the Piedmont Flyers Cycling Club offers plenty of pick-up opportunities for seasoned and training cyclists to ride together along various loops and routes in Forsyth County and the surrounding regions. Most rides leave from Lewisville Town Square, with cyclists arriving early to get set up and ready to ride. Before deciding to link up with the group, be sure to visit the link above and read the rules of the road and special preparation recommendations for joining the rides. Rides are at least every Tuesday/Thursday (weather permitting), but the club also has special events and discussion boards for smaller groups to meet and ride together as desired. There are fees associated with membership and details are available on the website.

Zagster and the National Cycling Center Bike Share Program


If you don’t have a bike, but want to experience the thrill of navigating city streets on two wheels, then the recently added Zagster service may be for you. Zagster has 8 strategically placed docking stations throughout the Winston-Salem area, offering ride options for adventure and utility uses. Fees are reasonable at around $3 per hour. You are limited to a maximum of a 24 hour rental at any one block of time, so you can’t keep a bike for days without additional fees, but with docking stations across the city, checking in is an easy step. Zagster is supported by some of the areas biggest businesses which all believe that healthier opportunities for transport and convenience should abound in our city.

Coming Soon: CycleBar in Downtown Winston-Salem


For those looking for the pure fitness benefits of cycling, without the added factors of navigating roads and trails, CycleBar has recently announced plans to bring a cycling studio to the downtown Winston-Salem area. The initial facility will feature around 50 bikes for any one class and will offer all the regular amenities of a full service gym in the first floor of a loft-style building with multi-services. Pricing will be set closer to the open date, but will be on par with boutique and private-level personal training. Keep an eye on local news sources for anticipated opening dates as the franchise plans to offer around 2500 hours of free cycling to raise awareness in their first few months of operations.

Until then, consider other fitness facilities in the region such as Gold’s Gym which offers GGX/Les Mills cycling classes and LA Fitness which offers their own style of cycling classes.

Opportunities to jump on a bicycle and experience the Winston-Salem area abound and are growing as our community continues to support cyclists and their love of riding. Once you get into the cycling culture, you’ll find a variety of people from all walks of life and interests and you’ll likely make a few new friends. Cycling is a great way to get involved in the community, get exercise, and explore at a slower pace than cars and trucks. As you get aligned and look at all our amazing region has to offer, give me a call at 336-575-7249 and let’s discuss how you can own a home near or on your favorite biking route!

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Dive Into Live Music in the Piedmont Triad

Science has shown that music has the power to tap into our emotions in ways that no other creative expression offers. Music is also a universal expression, seen across cultures around the world. Winston-Salem and the surrounding areas offer many opportunities for live music events, letting you experience the community power of gathering and taking in the creative expressions of artists of all types…

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Quarry Park Adds New Adventures to Winston-Salem

The long awaited opening of Quarry Park off Reynolds Park Road in Winston-Salem happened on August 15, 2017, bringing amazing views and trails to our community. The park sits on over 200 acres of land donated by Vulcan materials and is a former mining site that has filled with water. Residents and visitors can expect wonderful views of downtown Winston-Salem, as well as a variety of amenities and trails. Here are just a few of the ways to enjoy what this latest addition to our amazing community has to offer…

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Ice Skating in the Piedmont Triad Winston Salem

For a region not known for regular heavy snowfall, the Piedmont Triad offers plenty of opportunities for cold-themed fun through ice skating opportunities nearby! Take a look at the schedules and surrounding activities for the options above and make plans to spend a unique afternoon or evening gliding along and laughing with friends and family!

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50th Anniversary Celebration Exhibit at Reynolda House: Georgia O’Keefe

Winston-Salem is known as the City of Arts and Innovation and the current exhibit featured at Reynolda House Museum of American Art truly lives up to the name.  In honor of their 50th Anniversary and expanding presence as a premier exhibit site, the facility has a special Georgia O’Keefe collection on display through November 19, 2017.   This collection is only being displayed in three venues, and Reynolda House is the only site south of New York City.  A true treat for the mind and eyes, it’s well worth the time to visit and explore (and I’ll share a local secret below on admission!).

Georgia O’Keefe Exhibit

The exhibit goes well beyond the famous artwork and explores aspects of O’Keefe’s life that helped to shape her unique perspective and generate the immense creativity in her expressions.  One of O’Keefe’s additional expressions of her art came in her choices of clothing.  The exhibit tells the tale of her evolution through various stages of dressing, each focused on communicating a theme and feeling to those who encountered her.  This is NOT simply a display of framed artwork, and that adds to the depth of understanding and experience.

Reynolda House Museum

Nestled in the middle of Reynolda Gardens and a part of the Reynolda House itself, the Museum experience is much more than one might expect.  The house itself has a rich history in the tobacco-steeped history of Winston-Salem.  Enhance your visit by exploring the nearby trails, manicured gardens, purchasing a plant at the on-site greenhouse, or exploring the quaint shops that snake throughout Reynolda Village.  There are even several restaurants and coffee shops on site if you want to take a break and discuss all the wonders that surround you.


Located at 2250 Reynolda Road in Winston-Salem, the entrance to Reynolda House could be described as out of a fairytale.  Reynolda Road is canopied with aged trees and the entrance to the estate is situated directly across from the luxurious Graylyn Estate.  Check the website below for hours and other details to prepare for your visit, including suggestions on lodging and nearby local events and restaurants.


Admission is affordable at $18 per person, but there are several ways to gain free admission.  Employees of Wake Forest University and Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center can use their valid ID cards to gain admission for themselves and one guest for free at any time.  Free admission is also granted to Museum members, children 18 and under, students with valid ID, and military personnel with ID.  If you don’t fit into one of those categories, the Museum has also recently released admission cards that can be checked out from the Forsyth County Public Library for up to seven days, allowing accessibility for even more of the public!

Use this link to gain immediate access to detailed information about the exhibit, including an online peek at many of the featured pieces and special details on making your visit special.

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Sawtooth School for Visual Art: Gallery, Store and Classes

Nestled in the heart of downtown Winston-Salem is a building with a unique design. If you look at the roofline, you’ll see it almost appears as if someone has laid the hand saw of a giant on its back, with the teeth pointed towards the sky. Inside this building today, creative minds meld and learn in amazing ways. But when it was first built, the building housed creativity and ingenuity in a totally different manner…

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Step into the Green: Greenways in Winston Salem

As Spring arrives in full force and flowers and trees begin to bloom, mild temperatures and sunny days seem to call to our souls to step outside and take in a bit of nature. The Winston-Salem community offers plenty of opportunities to get out and near nature, whether you are a cyclist, rollerblading fanatic, or just want to stroll along. This month, I’ll share a bit about just a few of the existing greenway trails in the area. But, don’t let this list stop you from exploring further…

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Texas Pete is Moving to Downtown Winston-Salem

A Winston-Salem staple, T.W. Garner, the parent company of Texas Pete, is still family-owned and going strong. They announced in 2015 their plans to break ground on a new corporate headquarters in the heart of downtown Winston-Salem’s revitalized restaurant and arts districts…

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Black History Month: Visiting Civil Rights History in NC

The month of February has been designated Black History Month in order to recognize the Civil Rights struggles and celebrate the achievements of African-Americans across our nation. But you don’t have to go far to find landmarks and monuments steeped in history worth exploring. The diversity of our community is vital to the growth and sustainability of our regional culture. Take a day or two to tour, explore, and consider the role each of these had in moving our society to where it is today. It is an honor to live in an area with such a rich history. Here is an overview of a few of the sights I’d suggest exploring as you celebrate Black History Month in and around Winston-Salem, NC…

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Salem Baking Company: A Local Sweet Treat

Winston-Salem has a rich history in Moravian traditions, with some of the best coming in the form of specialty baked goods and treats. Established in 1930, Salem Baking Company is a local supplier of true Moravian cookies, cheese straws, jellies/jams, and shortbread cookies just to name a few. Even if you don’t yet live in the area, chances are you’ve heard of Salem Baking as their goods are sold at wholesale to over 10,000 gourmet and natural food outlets nationwide. What a treat it is to know that their home base is right here in Winston-Salem, bringing jobs, culture, and tradition to our region. Let’s get to know a few of their featured treats better…

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Top-Rated Elementary Schools in Winston Salem

Winston Salem offers a variety of education options for different types of learners and selecting property in the proper district can make a huge difference in the educational experience and opportunities for your children. From varied after school activities to social styles, look below for four top rated elementary schools in the Winston-Salem area…

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Visit Old Salem Museum & Gardens: A Trip Back in Time

It always amazes me how we can be surrounded by fantastic attractions, even pass by them every day, and not fully realize how much history and culture are waiting for you to discover. One of these hidden treasures of the Winston-Salem area is in Old Salem. Historical sites like these add to the community and sense of place and purpose for towns like Winston-Salem and make this an ideal place to shop for property. Check out some of the best features of Old Salem below, consider visiting for an afternoon, and then give me a call at 336-575-7249 to discuss your property needs.

As one of America’s most comprehensive history attractions, Old Salem is celebrating its 250th anniversary in 2016 and that means that their calendar is full of events and treats for everyone in the family. Old Salem encompasses both buildings, town streets, gardens, and a museum that offer Moravian history at its very best. To visit, go to 600 Main Street in Winston-Salem. If you need more information, be sure to visit their website or call 336-721-7300.

The Town

Step back in time and experience structures, exhibits, artifacts, and hands-on workshops that fit any age and type of interest. The town itself is the keystone of your walking tour that starts at the Old Salem Visitor Center and weaves throughout your experience. The spread between the buildings and shops are gardens, cobblestone walkways, historical markers, and a wealth of knowledge regarding what it was like to live in Moravian style in the days Old Salem was born.

The Tavern in Old Salem

Just one of many eating options throughout the property and featuring locally sourced ingredients, the Tavern serves lunch and dinner in an upscale historical environment. The Tavern is so popular that reservations are recommended, but well worth the pre-planning to experience the sense of total immersion as you enter the historic building and are seated in the quaint rooms and spaces to receive impeccable service.

Old Salem Gardens

The town has always been renowned for its plants and farming technologies and that tradition continues with working home farms throughout the restored community, including farmers markets and other opportunities for you to partake in the beauty and flavors. Explore the heirloom fruits and vegetables and consider buying unique seeds for your home collection too.

The Museum of Early Southern Decorative Art

Featuring ceramics, furniture, paintings, silver, and textiles, the museum houses artifacts with storied histories and offer an indoor escape during your tour of the grounds. The museum also features an extensive gift shop where you can find unique treats for all ages and price ranges.

Special Events

For the most updated list of upcoming events on grounds, click over to the official Old Salem Events page. There are events every month of the year, such as concerts, candlelight tours, festivals, and other celebrations. Throughout the month of August, there are even special All-American tours which are self-guided tours throughout the various attractions on the grounds.

Take time to explore Old Salem and gain a unique appreciation for the region and our special history and ties to American history. Walk where George Washington once did and see how the foundation of Winston-Salem was established and what still endures today. All within a few minutes from anywhere in the Piedmont Triad, this attraction is truly something to be experienced by those of all ages.

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Out-of-the-Ordinary Adventures for True Adrenaline Seekers

When you were little, did you ever dream of running away to join the circus? It may be a stereotypical
idea, but as an adult I’d bet you still have a sense of adventure and a desire to try something completely
different from time to time. I realize that people have different interests and preferences, so while I enjoy wine and painting activities, these more adventurous options in the region may appeal to others…

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Animal Activities Near the Piedmont Triad

Sometimes you just want to see something that is a little out-of-the-ordinary and that offers a sense of adventure without going too far from home and the Piedmont Triad has plenty to offer in the way of animal adventures and special exhibits without a day’s drive. Although there are plenty of places to choose from, here are just a few of the upcoming exhibits and adventures that you can choose to enjoy as you go take in all the region has to offer…

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Best Gardens for Spring Flowers near Winston-Salem

Ah, Spring, that amazing time of year when the days get longer and the blooms start to emerge from the frozen ground and bring our landscapes back to life. While your yard is a great place to plant amazing bursts of color and touches of delicate flowers, it is always a treat to visit botanical gardens that are groomed and cultivated specifically for viewing pleasure. These gardens are beautiful year-round, but Spring offers a unique time to partake of their full splendor. So, plan a day trip or two and take in the wonder that the NC climate inspires. Who knows, you may walk away with some inspiration for staging your own yard…

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Don't Miss These Local Wineries!

Last month, we focused on some of the best breweries in the Piedmont Triad of NC. This month, with Spring just around the corner, let’s explore a few of my favorite wineries near me in the region. Wineries offer a relaxed environment for an afternoon out and local flavor with a deep history. Many of the vines currently growing in NC soil find their history in lands as far away as France and Italy. But before I share my top three wineries in the area, first a little history on how our region came to be known for wine over the past decade…

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Art Museums and Galleries in Winston Salem

Thanks to mywinstonsalem.com



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Four Local Breweries You Should Know About

North Carolina is home to over 130 breweries and brewpubs, making our state the brew capital of the south. In fact, North Carolina has the most breweries of any state south of Pennsylvania and east of Texas. No matter where you go, there is likely someplace new to try. Many breweries are members of the North Carolina Brewers Guild and offer local twists and flavors to tempt any palette. One of the signs of a growing region comes in the dynamic presence of a variety of things to experience…

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5 Not to Be Missed Fall Activities in the Winston Salem Area

Ah, Autumn, the time of year when the leaves start to burst with color and there is a chill in the air. Visions of steamy mugs of hot chocolate and pumpkin patches spring forth as we enter this time of year. I’ve always enjoyed the diversity of foliage and events available in this region because there is truly something for every interest, from spooky to family-friendly here are a few of the Fall activities that will keep you having a blast throughout the season.

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