What Are the Best ROI Exterior Home Improvement Projects?

Taking on home improvements can be a fulfilling adventure, allowing you to transform spaces and looks whether you decide to sell or determine that your new space fits you once again!  But if you are going to take on projects, my 20+ years of experience in real estate tell me that you’ll enjoy the project, outcome, and long-term effect of a project more if you consider the average return on investment you can anticipate.

Return on Investment (ROI) is usually calculated based on an anticipated bump in the value if the home is sold within a year after improvements.  Remember, home projects are always about more than the here and now, they are about your home’s value, appeal, and dynamic use of space.

Here are a few of the best projects to consider to get you the best ROI on your exterior upgrades (ROI calculations are 2016 estimates from Remodeling).  It may be that you want to sell your current space and find a new home to customize into your very own.  Once you take a look, consider giving me a call at 336-575-7249 and let’s talk about how I can help you find the perfect home or space where you can make all your dreams come true.

High ROI Project 1:  Install Stone Veneer Siding

Estimated 92.95 ROI

Siding is more than an essential element of your home’s protective layers against the elements.  Siding style and age can completely change the curb appeal and perception of a house.  One of the biggest trends right now is an investment in stone veneer siding.  The look will completely transform the perception of your home and will refresh the feel to your design.  Carefully consider the color and design of the stone veneer so that your home blends well with vegetation and surrounding homes.  With a nearly 93% ROI, the cost of the project is a solid investment in the ongoing value of your property.

High ROI Project 2:  Put in a Mid-Scale Garage Door

Estimated 91.5% ROI

Notice how the top two projects involve elements that can completely transform the exterior look of a home.  This second project has nearly as high of an ROI and can either complement your new stone veneer siding or work as a stand-alone project.  Mid-scale garage doors are stylized and give a modern flair to a home.  Designs today are as diverse as your tastes can get.  From doors that hinge vertically to those that are reminiscent of barn doors or other stylized designs, there is a door design for every preference imaginable.  Just like with the stone veneer siding, consider the surrounding colors and materials, vegetation, and surrounding homes.  What would stand out, yet allow for your home to still blend with the bigger picture.  The right garage door can add a layer of class and flair and become a focal point for buyers and visitors alike.

High ROI Project 3:  Replace Your Entry Door with Steel

Estimated 91.1% ROI

A front door can make a home stand out in many ways.  From design elements to color choice, selecting a door style that expresses your personal style and welcomes visitors can really spice up an entryway.  Using steel is a good security choice and offers durability and versatility that really lets you dive in and express yourself.  If you commonly enter your home through the front entryway, remember that the color and style of your door will be something that you come in close contact with several times per day.  Even if you don’t utilize this door directly on a daily basis, consider that this door will be the first impression that many visitors will have of your home.  Colors can easily be changed with painted doors, so consider a bold color choice if you think the surrounding design of the home can pull it off.  Barn door red and yellow are common choices for a door that “pops” and brings immediate attention to your home.  Who knows, you may even become a neighborhood landmark, “when you go past the house with the yellow door, we are three houses down.”

Exterior Home Improvements That Keep on Giving

These three projects should get you started thinking about the elements of the exterior of your home that not only offer the most bang for your buck, but also offer a wide variety of options to express your personal style.  Give me a call at 336-575-7249 and let’s continue the discussion about getting you aligned with properties that will allow your personality to shine through and improving the property you have in smart ways that will increase the offer prices and interest from buyers.

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