How to Prep Your Home to Sell Quickly

As someone with decades of experience in real estate, there isn’t much I haven’t seen over the years.  And outside of partnering with me as your REALTOR, it’s important to know the work that goes into preparing a house, well before the listing goes live.  These steps increase the perceived value of your house as well as showcasing the best features to every potential buyer.  You can certainly move faster than this timeline, but be sure to be realistic regarding the work, time, and costs involved so you can keep your stress under control.

Think of this as a general timeline to get you started, then give me a call at 336-575-7249 and let’s work together to get maximum value and impact from every showing.  Think of these time suggestions as “at least,” meaning earlier decisions and steps give you more options and time to shop around and save a few dollars.  It also allows you to account for the possibility of rescheduling or missed appointments along the way with providers.

45-60 Days Before Listing: Get a Professional Inspection

Buyers may still hire their own, but hiring an Home Inspector early on allows you to avoid stumbling blocks and unexpected repair news at the time of an offer.  This serves a few purposes.  You’ll be able to repair things BEFORE they are an issue and keep your negotiation position in the transaction.  Inspections by buyers that uncovers few repairs allows for smooth decisions!  Plus, with preparation, you can hire more affordable contractors without the pressure of rapid timelines.  Once you have the Inspection, you can focus your energy more strategically.

Big Repairs First

Living in a home and selling a home are two different animals.  It’s not unusual for an Inspection to uncover major areas in need of repair of which you were not even aware.  Sometimes these are even just due to building-code upgrades since you purchased.  Getting those items repaired before listing allows future inspections to find only minor areas of focus.

Minor Repairs Next

Even minor repairs can lead potential buyers to make assumptions about overall home maintenance. So taking care of the small things helps smooth the way for an easy decision once your home is on the market.

30 Days Before Listing: Clean Out the Clutter

The longer you live in a space, the easier it becomes to accumulate excess belongings.  And while a ‘lived in’ feel is good, potential buyers are also looking for a spacious feel and clean lines.  No matter how they live at home, this next property is a clean slate.  So it may serve you to move your stored goods and a good portion of your belongings to a secure off-site storage location.  When you really start to look at it, you’d be amazed what you can live without, even if only temporarily.  Empty storage areas and sparsely furnished rooms allow potential buyers to feel that the spaces are larger.

15 Days Before Listing: Deep Clean By a Professional

It is recommended that you hire a professional to deep clean the entire home, including steam cleaning carpets, repairing and cleaning bathroom and kitchen grout, and polishing cabinets.  You might also ask them to scrub marks from walls and clean baseboards.  After the cleaning is complete, change all of the air filters and spray fresheners on fabric surfaces.

There are, of course, more steps to preparing your home for sale, but these will get you started thinking and prepping in the right direction.  Call me at 336-575-7249 and let’s discuss other steps and how expertise like mine can help you go to market with the best showing possible.

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