Quarry Park Adds New Adventures to Winston-Salem

The long awaited opening of Quarry Park off Reynolds Park Road in Winston-Salem happened on August 15, 2017, bringing amazing views and trails to our community. The park sits on over 200 acres of land donated by Vulcan materials and is a former mining site that has filled with water. The mining site opened in the 1920s and served as a working mine for over 50 years. The last load of gravel left the park in 1982, leaving behind what has evolved into a 12 acre lake with depths of over 130 feet.

Residents and visitors can expect wonderful views of downtown Winston-Salem, as well as a variety of amenities and trails. Here are just a few of the ways to enjoy what this latest addition to our amazing community has to offer.


The freshly cut trails of Quarry Park connect to the already extensive biking trail systems in the Salem Lake and Salem Creek areas of the city, allowing new adventures and a connection point for those who want to explore our great city at a slower pace. Plans include the addition of more trails and surfaces that will suit a variety of biker preferences, such as paved, dirt, and gravel throughout the area. The majority of the park is heavily wooded, offering unique opportunities for the City to provide trails into previously unexplored areas. A true treat for cyclists!


Outside of some quick views from Highway 52 and Interstate 40, the downtown Winston-Salem area has rarely been viewable in its entirety from a public pedestrian space—until now! Standing on the overview balcony pier, visitors of all ages can take in the Winston-Salem skyline and its immense beauty. Looking down from the same point fills the eyes with a natural paradise of the quarry walls and natural water, teeming with wildlife and shades of color that show the varied minerals and topography of our region.


Future plans include picnic shelters and other amenities, but for now the greenway structures and bridges offer a wonderful opportunity to explore the floral and fauna of our area in the southeast area of Winston-Salem. Greenways in the area are designed to offer safe paths to explore and see the ‘greenery’ that nature provides. As this land and area has been closed to the public for such a long time and has sat vacant of commercial activity for years, the balance of life has returned. The lake has fish and turtles and the pathways cut through areas with trees and ground cover that are common to our region. As a safe haven, wildlife has found homes and can explore the forested areas, so birding enthusiasts and those who enjoy spotting deer and other common wildlife will have a great time exploring.

Quarry Park is a Great Addition to our City

Those are just a few of the current offerings at the park which are well worth exploring. There are no current plans to allow on-water activities at the park or fishing, but there are plans to develop playgrounds, shelters, and other areas which will allow the community to more deeply appreciate the beauty that the park has to offer. Take a friend or just escape from the hectic pace for a few hours at Quarry Park. You’ll be glad you did! Read here for more information about this and other parks in the Winston Salem area.

What is your favorite Triad area park?

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