Protecting Your Home While on Vacation

This summer while you are traveling, you will want to protect your home. I spend a lot of times in homes and have learned some tricks over the year to help my clients keep their home safe while traveling here, there and everywhere!

Enjoy your vacation, knowing your home is protected with these tips, then give me a call at 336-575-7249  and share some of your favorite vacation stories as we get to know each other and chat about your next real estate purchase.

Vacation Home Safety Tips

Get started with ten basic and easy steps you can take to help protect your home while you are away:

  1. Quick and easy – lock your windows and doors. You would be surprised how many people forget to check this and the majority of burglaries are via these easy entry areas. And don’t forget to lock your car doors and garage too.
  2. Place a hold on your mail via the USPS and don’t forget to delay any package deliveries until you are going to be back in town. A box on your front porch for many days may invite burglars like a welcome mat.
  3. Keep you lawn care current so it does not upset your neighbors or signal that you are away to someone more menacing.
  4. Speaking of neighbors, if you have one you trust, let them know what days you will be gone so they can look out for any suspicious activity on your premises.
  5. Unplug small appliances to reduce energy drain and prevent potential fires or damage from an electrical surge (e.g. toaster, computers, televisions, etc).
  6. Use timers or remote systems to keep burglars and neighbors guessing while you are away. Lights on in most houses means someone is home, especially when they turn off and on at random times from day to day.
  7. Whether you have a pet or not, a house sitter is a good idea to keep your plants watered, your front door clean from solicitors and deliveries, and to literally have someone living in your home when you can’t be.
  8. Reduce the risk of plumbing issues by turning off your main water valve. This is especially important if you will be away from home for more than a week.
  9. An added layer of security would be to install an alarm system or even just a front yard sign indicating that you have one. A sign alone are an excellent deterrent.
  10. Hold off on sharing those lovely vacation photos on social media until you are back so people don’t know when you are away. Posting a photo saying you are vacationing in the Grand Canyon is a pretty sure way to let people know you are not at home, especially if you live in North Carolina!

Don’t forget to call me if you have other home protection questions or concerns. Ellen Dudley, RE/MAX Preferred Properties, 336-575-7249

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