4 Benefits of Professionally Staging a House to Sell

Selling a home you’ve been living in for a while can be stressful on several levels.  There is the packing, cleaning, planning, and prepping, but there is also the worry that others will enter your home and be critical because they can’t see the full potential of your spaces.  This could be due to color schemes, furniture placement, or lighting, just to name a few elements that can impact buyer perception of value and appeal.  The truth is, as we live in our own spaces, we become somewhat blind to the ways in which our possessions impact the feel and nature of our house.

To get a fresh perspective and renew the layout and details of our home, a professional staging expert can be highly valuable in setting a feel and experience that moves your house from “For Sale” to “Sold” faster and closer to your asking price.  Take a look below at just a few of the amazing benefits of having your home professionally staged and then give me a call at Ellen Dudley, RE/MAX Preferred Properties,  336-575-7249 to discuss who I recommend for staging and how I can tap into my decades of real estate experience to make your home sale process efficient and successful.

Faster Sales and Higher Prices

A Coldwell Banker Real Estate survey found that staged homes spend around half the time on the market than non-staged homes and sell for an average of 6% above their asking price.  It’s a double win in terms of seller advantage!

Staging Costs Repay Themselves

You’ll probably invest around 1-3% of the asking price in staging a home and that may feel like a large investment to prepare your home for showings.  However, a NAR Study showed that the ROI of professionally staging a home averages between 8-10%, meaning that the initial investment is not only paid back at sale, but that a profit it made over the initial investment due to increased perceived value by the buyer.

Save On Mortgage Payments

A 2011 study by the Real Estate Staging Association found that the average home sits on the market for around 5.5 months after listing, leaving the seller responsible for mortgage and utility expenses for 6 months.  Professionally staged homes sell an average of 2 months FASTER than non-staged properties, and remember, you are more likely to get a higher selling price.  According to the study, this results in over $2000 in mortgage payment savings alone on a median-priced US home.  That’s $2000 you can use to invest in your new house or moving expenses.  And that’s two less months you have to deal with the stress of having your home for sale and living in market limbo.

Buyers Are Deeply Impacted By Staging Decisions

A 2015 National Association of Realtors report showed that over 95% of buyer’s agents share that home staging impacts the buyer’s view of homes they are shown.  In addition, 81% of buyers find it easier to ‘see’ themselves living in a staged home; it is easier to visualize it as their future home.  Add to those compelling reasons the fact that nearly a third (28%) of buyers are willing to overlook property faults when a home is staged and the deep impact of staging on the sales process really comes to light!

Why are you considering staging your home?

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