Texas Pete is Moving to Downtown Winston-Salem

Born out of necessity, Texas Pete hot sauce finds its roots in the 1929 introduction of a spicy Louisiana-style hot sauce to the local market.  Sam Garner had noticed that customers kept requesting a spicier sauce and so he designed something with a healthy kick of cayenne pepper.  Perfected at the Dixie Pig barbecue stand in Winston-Salem, the sauce was received with enthusiasm.  According to Wikipedia, Texas Pete is the 3rd best selling hot sauce brand in the United States today.

Over 80 years later, the brand has expanded to offer an even spicier option and in 2015, they introduced their “Cha!” line of Sriracha sauce, ideal for chicken, pork, dips, and marinades.  2015 also saw the retirement of Texas Pete Chili Sauce, much to the disappointment of faithful fans who stocked up as the last cans left the shelves.

Moving to Downtown Winston-Salem

A Winston-Salem staple, T.W. Garner, the parent company of Texas Pete, is still family-owned and going strong.  They announced in 2015 their plans to break ground on a new corporate headquarters in the heart of downtown Winston-Salem’s revitalized restaurant and arts districts.  A welcome addition to the high-end restaurants, galleries, locally-inspired shops and cuisine, the new facility will house around 25 employees and offer street-level views of processing equipment.  Construction spanned most of 2016 and the facility will open to the public early this year.  The company’s main manufacturing will remain at the original headquarters on Indiana Avenue.

A Growing Community

Winston-Salem truly is a growing community with plenty of upscale living opportunities in the downtown areas, all within a short walk of the new Texas Pete headquarters.  As you look at high-end and all-inclusive facilities, you’ll find endless amenities and an urban feel that simply wasn’t available in Winston-Salem just a few short years ago.  Texas Pete’s facility is just another element that makes the culture of the area come alive and celebrate the unique experience of living and working in Winston-Salem.

Local Traditions Make Our Culture Rich

So, watch for the grand opening of the new T.W. Garner headquarters that’s anticipated sometime this year and appreciate the faithfulness shown by one of the nation’s largest hot sauce brands to our community and culture.  Still made right here, locally bottled and distributed, the company adds to both the culture and community on a daily basis.  Steadfast and true, this company embodies the very best of Winston-Salem and serves as a testament to the power of our region on a national stage.

Who wouldn’t want to be part of a community with roots so deep and dedication so strong to growing and evolving the history into modern marvels?  The city may be far from the largest in the state, but she has a culture all her own.  When you decide to explore living or moving to Winston-Salem, let my 25 years of experience help guide and usher you to just the right style and location for your next home.  Call me, Ellen Dudley, RE/MAX Preferred Properties,  at 336-575-7249 and let’s get a conversation started today.

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