Salem Baking Company: A Local Sweet Treat

Winston-Salem has a rich history in Moravian traditions, with some of the best coming in the form of specialty baked goods and treats. Established in 1930, Salem Baking Company is a local supplier of true Moravian cookies, cheese straws, jellies/jams, and shortbread cookies just to name a few. Even if you don’t yet live in the area, chances are you’ve heard of Salem Baking as their goods are sold at wholesale to over 10,000 gourmet and natural food outlets nationwide. What a treat it is to know that their home base is right here in Winston-Salem, bringing jobs, culture, and tradition to our region. Let’s get to know a few of their featured treats better.

Traditional Thin Moravian Cookies

Available in a variety of flavors, these wafer-thin cookies melt in your mouth while still maintaining a hearty crunch. The most traditional flavor is Ginger, but additional flavors include Meyer Lemon, Chocolate, Pumpkin Spice, and Toasted Coconut. These cookies pair well with coffee or tea.

Check out recipes and plating ideas directly from Salem Baking on the recipe section of their website.

Cheese Straws

Delightful baked cakes of cheese that resemble straws and are immediately addictive. Start with traditional cheddar and then expand your taste bud adventures with Pumpkin Cheddar, Parmesan Artichoke Garlic, Blue Stilton, Cheddar with Chili (for a unique spicy kick!). Perfect as a snack or appetizer, cheese straws are a true Moravian tradition.

Shortbread Cookies

By now, you have realized that variety is the name of the game for Salem Baking, so you should expect nothing less than an awesome selection of Shortbread flavors to tempt your tongue. Of course, they have traditional shortbread, but why stop there when you could indulge in Eggnog flavor, or maybe Raspberry or Wild Blueberry? How about Hot Cocoa flavored shortbread cookies to go with real hot chocolate? Yum, my mouth is watering just sharing the flavors!

Cheese Biscuits

Southerners have always specialized in the art of making biscuits, and Salem Baking takes that tradition to the next level with their mini cheddar biscuits. Their special recipe features wheat flour, extra sharp Cheddar, and a kick from cayenne and paprika. Amazing on their own, these also make an excellent base for the traditional ham biscuit appetizer that is popular throughout gatherings in the Southeast.

Gluten Free Cookies

For those with ingredient sensitivities, Salem Baking offers a wide variety of cookies that are guaranteed to be gluten-free. From Carmel Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Toasted Coconut, and my personal favorite, White Chocolate Macadamia Toasted Coconut, there is a flavor to suit just about any taste.

Are you hungry yet? Taste buds coming alive at the thought of diving into even a few of these goodies? Salem Baking Company is a Winston-Salem tradition. Visit their website to see all of their featured products and seasonal specials, and check out their Facebook page to see the latest news and access a convenient “Shop Now” button that takes you directly to your favorite items! Winston-Salem and the Moravian tradition of baking and community has a tremendous amount to offer everyone. Salem Baking Company is an example of the deep roots and culture which find their home in Winston-Salem and touch the entire nation.

What is your favorite local treat from Salem Baking?

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