Tips to Attract Young Home Buyers

When preparing your home for sale, it’s important to consider the varied ways different markets of buyers will view your home. What appeals to you, may not be ideal for those shopping for a new home. Take, for example, the impending power of Millennials (aka Generation Y, born between 1982 and 2002), who are the largest group of home buyers in America for the third year running. Fail to consider how these young home buyers are looking at properties, and you could miss out on 35% of all buyers!

So, what are they looking for? Well, according to Consumer Reports, this generation can be quite picky because they often have specific needs in mind while shopping for a home. Take a look at just three of their recommendations for Millennial appeal below. As always, give me, Ellen Dudley, a call (336-575-7249) for more tips and market insight. Put my decades of home sales experience to work for you in your next property transaction.

Transform Space into a Home Office

Telecommuting continues to grow and having a designated office space can make a house feel more complete. You can consider converting a spare bedroom or even a loft or bonus room area into an office for special appeal. The key is in creating a space that feels workable for someone who will be networked and on the phone quite a bit each day. Invest a few dollars in basic office furniture, and you’re set!  Ideally, the space you select will have cable internet and plenty of electrical outlets for gadgets and devices. A few conversions of outlets to more modern USB/110V outlets can really boost appeal.

Craft a Separate Laundry Room

For some time, laundry closets and nooks were popular ways to bring a mundane task into the living space. Millennials prefer to have a separate room for such tasks, and a little bonus space is greatly valued too. Take a look at the space you have available, consider where plumbing and electric are available fairly easily, and get costs on converting a space to separate laundry room. With some advances in appliances, don’t limit your thinking to ground floor space, walk-in closets upstairs can accommodate many modern washer/dryer sets. If you can spare the space, consider adding a basin sink and built-in drying rack and ironing station too. Little bonuses like these go a long way to making a solid impression.

Give Your Home an IQ Boost

Smart home technologies flow along with the technology addictions that Millennials haves come to expect, so it’s no surprise that such features have strong appeal. You don’t have to break the bank to give your home a few smart features that will make a big impression. Start with phone controlled lights or thermostats. There are plenty on the market, so select ones that fit your space. Also, consider automated features, like motion-activated lights in key areas that switch on as someone walks nearby or enters a room. These lights should also time out if there is no movement in the room/space, so be careful not to make them the main lighting source, but supplemental lights for staircases, hallways, and closets. Take it one step further and consider a voice command center such as the Amazon Echo, a device that listens and interprets commands in a Star Trek-esque manner. It can report news, weather, turn on lights, and sprinklers, and more… all by the power of voice commands. The cutting edge appeal really impresses, and devices start under $200.

These three simple shifts can transform how the Millennial market will view, price, and consider your home. Each is a fairly inexpensive change with big impact, so they are well worth your time and budget. Let’s talk about how my expertise can supercharge your staging and preparation for the strongest appeal in today’s market!

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