3 Pitfalls Every Home Owner Should Avoid

It happens to all of us, we get tired of the space that surrounds us and long for fresh use. Maybe we moved into our current home during a different period in our lives or perhaps we discovered a new hobby we need space to explore. Regardless of why our space needs to be shifted, it can be tempting to jump feet first into home improvement projects that twist and turn our spaces in new manners. Some of these changes can certainly improve a home’s resale potential: updated kitchens and bathroom fixtures, neutral color paints, crown molding and added accent touches, for example. Other improvements can work wonders for us in the short-term or temporarily fulfill a need, but quickly fall short or cause friction when we decide to sell.

I’ll include just a few of the pitfalls to keep in mind below. After you take a peek at these, lean on my decades of experience in real estate and aligning buyers and sellers to understand how to best position your property for quick sale and maximum impression on potential buyers. I’m a quick phone call away at 336-575- 7249.

Wallpaper Selections

Wallpaper is one of those trends that comes and goes every decade or so. The latest trend has wallpaper on a comeback, with styles and hues that differ from the last resurgence. It can be tempting to install wallpaper or wall art pieces throughout your home to give it a personal feel and unique presentation. The challenge in taking the wallpaper plunge comes in buyers that are looking for clean walls and simple lines, a canvas where they can express their own unique style and preferences. Wallpaper can be a headache to remove and painting over is a time-intensive task. If you have your heart set on installing wallpaper, try to use it sparingly and strategically. Perhaps pick a pattern that changes the visual perspective of a small room or something that is simple and elegant.

Overstated Landscaping

We talk a lot in real estate about curb appeal and the need for a yard to present well from the moment a potential buyer pulls up to the lot, so it seems ironic that you could ever have TOO MUCH curb appeal in your landscape design. The key to good landscaping is a balance of perennial low-maintenance choices and a design that is easy to sell to buyers. Complex elements such as ponds and waterfalls, custom topiaries, highly groomed shrubbery, and the like are all wonderful at first glance, but can lead some buyers to envision their weekends sucked away in yard work. If you have a green thumb, try to tone back more complicated features and elements when it’s time to put your home on the market and explain the ease of maintenance to your agent so that they can share that with buyers too.

Adapted Bedrooms

There is a huge difference between repurposing a space in your home for your unique needs and redesigning that space in a permanent manner. Think carefully before you remove walls or close in spaces, change doorways or install custom elements. While these can appeal to some buyers, leaving spaces more versatile is usually the best bet to attract the widest variety of buyers possible. Buyers are conditioned to expect spaces to work and feel a certain way and although they may appreciate the unique potential you’ve designed, comparing that to other properties can be tough. If you need to convert a space, try to leave as much of the original elements as possible. For example, avoid installing pocket doors in a bedroom in order to make space feel more open or knocking out the top half of a wall to create shared spaces. These elements are simply too unique to have wide-level appeal to most buyers.

These are just a few of the pitfalls to avoid as you look to live happily in your home and simultaneously maintain your property value for future sale. If you’re thinking about listing your home or exploring the potential our current market has for your home, give me a call and let me advise you on how to best stage your space for maximum appeal. My decades of experience have taught me what buyers are looking for and how to help owners showcase their homes in an ideal light.

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