Top-Rated Elementary Schools in Winston Salem

If you have children or are planning to start a family in the Winston-Salem region, elementary education and public school options are likely prominent on your mind. It’s well known that establishing a strong foundation of education in the early years of learning is essential to future achievement in academic settings.

Winston Salem offers a variety of education options for different types of learners and selecting property in the proper district can make a huge difference in the educational experience and opportunities for your children. From varied after school activities to social styles, look below for four top rated elementary schools in the Winston-Salem area, as rated by Great Schools. In fact, all four of these schools are ranked 10/10 in this online review.

These are just beginning to scratch the surface of great education options available in the area, so I encourage you to visit the links I’ve provided and explore further the schools and options. Then give me,  Ellen Dudley,  a call at 336-575-7249 and let’s discuss property opportunities in your favorite districts.

Meadowlark Elementary

  • 401 Meadowlark Drive; Winston-Salem, NC 27106
  • (336) 924-3434
  • K-5 education/901 students

Great Schools Rating:  10/10

  • Math, Reading, and Science scores for Grades 3-5 all exceeded 80% proficiency for 2015

Meadowlark offers many resources for a dynamic learning experience, including arts education options, flexible learning tracks, counseling services, and enhanced learning resources. See the link below to read what other parents are saying about their children’s experiences at Meadowlark in recent years.

Mission (from school’s website)

“The Meadowlark Elementary School family works together in pursuit of personal growth and academic excellence in a safe environment. We respect diversity and promote the joy of life-long learning.”

Visit Meadowlark Elementary’s Website

Jefferson Elementary

  • 4000 Jefferson School Lane; Winston-Salem, NC 27106
  • (336) 923-2110
  • K-5 education/557 students

Great Schools Rating:  10/10

  • Math, Reading, and Science scores for Grades 3-5 all exceeded 82% proficiency for 2015

Jefferson offers a somewhat smaller environment for students to thrive in their early years of education. With resources on par with our first selection, Meadowlark Elementary, Jefferson is located closer to the outlying area of Pfafftown and has a more secluded campus feel.

Mission (from school’s website)

“In partnership with parents and community, the students and staff of Jefferson Elementary will model and promote a diverse learning environment which fosters cultural respect, develops critical thinking skills and inspires each other to be self-directed learners and responsible citizens.”

Visit Jefferson Elementary’s Website

Sherwood Forest Elementary

  • 1055 Yorkshire Road; Winston-Salem, NC 27106
  • (336) 774-4646
  • PK-5 education/591 students

Great Schools Rating:  10/10

  • Math, Reading, and Science scores for Grades 3-5 all exceeded 82% proficiency for 2015

A visual arts and science based elementary, Sherwood offers a unique environment for children that learn through creative activities. They offer a student-centered environment that focuses on launching students forward in education and preparing them for the challenges of the modern world.

Mission (from school’s website)

“Sherwood Forest Elementary provides a stimulating and nurturing educational environment, which advances the process of life-long learning by fully engaging students, teachers, parents and community alike. The strengths and talents of each student are recognized and developed in an atmosphere where diversity is respected and encouraged.”

Visit Sherwood Forest Elementary’s Website

Vienna Elementary

  • 1975 Chickasha Road; Pfafftown, NC 27040
  • (336) 703-4178
  • K-5 Education/651 students

Great Schools Rating:  10/10

  • Math, Reading, and Science scores for Grades 3-5 all exceeded 82% proficiency for 2015

With an active running program, this location offers students with an athletic preference to really dive into their passion as a part of their experiences. The school also offers Horse and Nature clubs, adding to the variety of options for students to explore and learn in different manners.

Mission (from school’s website)

“Learning is our school’s first priority for adults and students. We believe that all people can learn best when they are fully engaged in the learning process within a safe and inviting environment. Students learn in different ways and need to be provided with a variety of challenging and relevant activities to support individual learning styles. Students are expected to produce quality work while demonstrating their understanding of essential knowledge. Students will take an active role in the improvement of their reading, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. Every student is a valued individual with unique physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs. Each student’s self-esteem and learning are enhanced by positive relationships with mutual respect between students and staff. Teachers, staff, administrators, students, parents, and the community share the responsibility for advancing our school’s mission.”

Visit Vienna Elementary’s Website

Lots of Great Elementary School in Winston-Salem

With so many great schools in Winston-Salem, these four are just a few to consider. As you start looking at property in Forsyth County, you will likely find lots of other schools to consider as well. There are also private schools such as Summit School and Forsyth Country Day to throw in the mix, if you prefer a private education for your children.

Not sure where to start? Let me help! I know the area very well and can help you find the right mix of property value to meet your budget and school to meet your kid’s educational needs.


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