Visit Old Salem Museum & Gardens: A Trip Back in Time

It always amazes me how we can be surrounded by fantastic attractions, even pass by them every day, and not fully realize how much history and culture are waiting for you to discover. One of these hidden treasures of the Winston-Salem area is in Old Salem. Historical sites like these add to the community and sense of place and purpose for towns like Winston-Salem and make this an ideal place to shop for property. Check out some of the best features of Old Salem below, consider visiting for an afternoon, and then give me a call at 336-575-7249 to discuss your property needs.

As one of America’s most comprehensive history attractions, Old Salem is celebrating its 250th anniversary in 2016 and that means that their calendar is full of events and treats for everyone in the family. Old Salem encompasses both buildings, town streets, gardens, and a museum that offer Moravian history at its very best. To visit, go to 600 Main Street in Winston-Salem. If you need more information, be sure to visit their website or call 336-721-7300.

The Town

Step back in time and experience structures, exhibits, artifacts, and hands-on workshops that fit any age and type of interest. The town itself is the keystone of your walking tour that starts at the Old Salem Visitor Center and weaves throughout your experience. The spread between the buildings and shops are gardens, cobblestone walkways, historical markers, and a wealth of knowledge regarding what it was like to live in Moravian style in the days Old Salem was born.

The Tavern in Old Salem

Just one of many eating options throughout the property and featuring locally sourced ingredients, the Tavern serves lunch and dinner in an upscale historical environment. The Tavern is so popular that reservations are recommended, but well worth the pre-planning to experience the sense of total immersion as you enter the historic building and are seated in the quaint rooms and spaces to receive impeccable service.

Old Salem Gardens

The town has always been renowned for its plants and farming technologies and that tradition continues with working home farms throughout the restored community, including farmers markets and other opportunities for you to partake in the beauty and flavors. Explore the heirloom fruits and vegetables and consider buying unique seeds for your home collection too.

The Museum of Early Southern Decorative Art

Featuring ceramics, furniture, paintings, silver, and textiles, the museum houses artifacts with storied histories and offer an indoor escape during your tour of the grounds. The museum also features an extensive gift shop where you can find unique treats for all ages and price ranges.

Special Events

For the most updated list of upcoming events on grounds, click over to the official Old Salem Events page. There are events every month of the year, such as concerts, candlelight tours, festivals, and other celebrations. Throughout the month of August, there are even special All-American tours which are self-guided tours throughout the various attractions on the grounds.

Take time to explore Old Salem and gain a unique appreciation for the region and our special history and ties to American history. Walk where George Washington once did and see how the foundation of Winston-Salem was established and what still endures today. All within a few minutes from anywhere in the Piedmont Triad, this attraction is truly something to be experienced by those of all ages.

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