What to Do AFTER You Buy a Home

We’ve located the perfect home or property for your new home. The sale has closed and you are thrilled to be moving in and making it your own. How exciting! It’s easy at this point to get so caught up in boxes and decorating that you forget to take a few key steps that will help make sure that everything will go smoothly as you get settled. What are some of the essential things that are worth your time as you begin to move in? Use this list as a foundation as you get started.

1. Meet the Neighbors and HOA Board

In the weeks or days before you move in, take a few hours to knock on doors and say hello to your new neighbors. Let them know when you’ll be moving in and make sure there are no additional rules or other specifics that you might need to be aware of. Your neighbors can share about details like trash pickup and community events, oddities in parking or getting around, and other details that only come with living in a community. Plus, you’ll make a few connections which you can wave to as you see each other in the yard on a regular basis.

2. Change the Locks

It’s exciting to get the keys to your new home, but remember that those keys could have copies in many hands. Take the time to remove your locks and handles and take them to a local rekeying shop (such as many hardware stores) and ask them to rekey them all to either one or two new key patterns. This gives you peace of mind to know that the only people with access to your home are those whom you authorize. It also makes sure that you clean up any oddities that can happen with homes such as a random door that has a separate key than the rest or other unexpected challenges.

3. Locate the Major Shut-Offs

Understanding where the main shut-offs for your home are located is just good sense. You don’t want to be scrambling around looking for the water shut-off in the middle of a leak. With water in particular, you can buy a water shut off key at your local hardware store that will come in handy if you ever need to shut off water to your entire home rapidly.

Most homes have a main water shut off located right near the water meter and then another somewhere near water heaters or other areas. It’s a good idea to practice turning these and making sure that they are in working condition before they are needed.

It’s also a good idea to understand where your electrical breaker box is located and how the fuse system in your home works. Keep in mind that some outdoor outlets may be tied to inside outlets, so if you have an outlet that doesn’t work, be sure to look beyond the immediate area. Outlets near water are also required to have automatic trip functions, so testing those functions will help assure safety for you and your family early on.

Give me a call at (336) 575-7249 and let’s get started looking for your next home today. Once we find the perfect location, take the time to do these three key things and you’ll be settled quickly!

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