3 Cheap and Easy Home Upgrades that Add Serious Value

It’s easy this time of year to get caught up in the season and begin projects and improvements that you’ve been itching to do all year. But before you get started, I’d recommend looking at these projects that both increase your enjoyment of your home and allow you to increase the perceived value of your home to potential buyers. Who’s ready to invest in home upgrades that add value while keeping it low budget and easy?!!

Maybe you don’t have a specific idea in mind for your next project or update, but need a few ideas to get you started. Look no further! As you decide where to best place your time, money, and attention, consider the following projects, each of which works hard for you and your home’s value.

Change Window Coverings

You might be amazed at how much simple window coverings can refresh and change the look of a room and home. We tend to think of blinds and drapes as a backdrop, but small shifts in color and design can transform a space. Remember that natural light opens up a room, so consider layers or translucent fabrics if you need privacy, but desire light. There are also retractable blind options which allow you to open blinds from the top or bottom, increasing their versatility.

Start at a design center at any of the major home improvement stores to get ideas and then customize from there. Keep in mind the fabric colors incorporated in your walls, couches and other pieces and what kind of flooring you have so that you plan to match and coordinate. And remember that you can make this project more affordable and manageable by working one room at a time.

Enhance Molding and Trim

A simple way to enhance and add elegance to any room is in updating or upgrading the crown molding and trim. Chair rails, base boards, and crown molding all immediately dress up a room and add character. These are home upgrades that add value – for you while you live there and for buyers when the time comes to sell.

They are also easy to install without much tear-out if existing molding isn’t in place. If you already have crown molding in place consider a color refresh or accents. There are also affordable patterns and designs today that would have been considered custom work only a few years ago so be sure to explore your options.

One easy way to create a striking look to a room is to use contrasting colored accents or even to incorporate rosette’s (square blocks that dress up everything from door frames to chair rails). The sky is truly the limit in terms of creativity and variety. Remember that your walls and their edges are the framework for your home, so select frames that match your taste and don’t go overboard and distract from your other décor.

Upgrade Hardware and Handles

It can be tempting to want to replace all the cabinets and doors in an area in an attempt to refresh the look and feel of your space, but that will get pricey! Many times it is as simple as upgrading handles, hinges, and hardware, a trick that can save you money and get the impact you desire. If you decide to take on this type of change, consider polishing or refreshing the paint on the doors at the same time to see maximum effects. I’d suggest taking on one area or room in your home at a time so the project doesn’t get overwhelming. You can also check hardware resellers and charities like Habitat for Humanity Restore to try and save some dollars and see a wider variety of styles.

When selecting the base colors and styles for your hinges and handles, be sure to consider what other accents and elements are already in the room such as chairs, décor, and accents. You’ll want to incorporate the style of the handles and hinges into the greater picture of your room unless you plan to phase in updates to other areas to match the new cabinet hardware.

Quiz: Is Your Home Improvement Project Worth It?

If you have projects in mind that are not listed here, put them through a 3-point test to make sure you’re investing wisely. If the project you have in mind meets one of the following criteria, you likely have a wise investment of time and funds.

  1. Does the project dramatically improve the function of the space?
  2. Will it lower ongoing operating costs?
  3. Will it provide a more updated look and feel?

What Home Upgrades Do You Think Add the Most Value?

These are just a few options available that will serve both your desire to improve your space and your home’s value. But, I bet you have other tips and ideas! Let me know in the comments below.

As you begin to narrow down your options, try to think about both the short and long-term implications of the change. You’ll want to enjoy the fruits of your labor, yet also ensure that changes make your home more marketable in the long run.

For more ideas and to begin a discussion about your next real estate purchase or sale, call me at  (336) 575-7249 and let’s create a plan for upgrades to your current property and plans that will ensure you maintain the maximum value and enjoyment.

What cheap home renovations have you completed that added a great deal of cash to your home value?

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