Out-of-the-Ordinary Adventures for True Adrenaline Seekers

When you were little, did you ever dream of running away to join the circus? It may be a stereotypical
idea, but as an adult I’d bet you still have a sense of adventure and a desire to try something completely
different from time to time. I realize that people have different interests and preferences, so while I enjoy wine and painting activities, these more adventurous options in the region may appeal to others.

It’s important to me to be aware of all that the region has to offer so that I can best recommend areas and make suggestions to my real estate clients. Consider some of these truly adventurous options located in the region and then give me a call at (336) 575-7249 and let’s get started on your next real estate investment!

Jump Your Way to A Thrill!

Want to keep your feet closer to the ground, but still experience the sensation of flying? Then the Airbound Trampoline Park may just be your speed and style. With locations in both Winston-Salem and Greensboro, the parks offer a great chance to find adventure close to home. You may think of this as mainly a child-oriented activity, but the facilities are open to all ages and skills and are fully supervised too. With pricing as low as $12/hour, this is an affordable way to spend an afternoon.

Winston-Salem location:

  • 336-896- 9100
  • 7840 North Point Blvd, Winston-Salem, NC

Greensboro location:

  • 336-907-8682
  • 4215 West Gate City Blvd; Greensboro, NC


Learn to Swing on a Flying Trapeze!

For as little as $40, you can swing and experience the rush of being high above the nets! Dare to Fly Trapeze offers a taste of the circus in a wide variety of ways that can meet any level of adventure seeker. Check out their website for packages and options and find the one that best fits your level of adventure!

Experience Indoor Sky-Diving!

At Parclete XP, you can experience all the thrills of skydiving in a secure indoor environment! Beginner packages start as low as $64 and offer all you’d expect from a sky-diving plummet, but with special instructors and guidance that ensures you’ll feel the thrills without the fear.

Zip Your Way to Adventure in the Treetops!

There are lots of zip-lines emerging across the state, but one of the best in the region is found in Kersey Valley. Offering 14 lines and over 1.5 miles of cable, the adventure goes on and on as you move from tower to tower and coast along under supervision. Surrounding the zip lines are tall trees and lots of other adventures, including opportunities for your family to watch you from the ground and special events throughout the year.

So, take a chance and experience an adventure just a short drive from your home in the Piedmont Triad. This region truly has something to offer everyone, whether you are looking for high-flying adventure and thrills or see my other blogs to learn about arts and other slower-paced adventures too. With a mix of people that love so many different things, the culture of our region is not only diverse, but a wonderful place to live. When you are ready to make your next real estate purchase, give me a call (and let me know how you like to find adventure near the places that you live!):  (336) 575-7249.

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