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One of the best signs of a community that utilizes and appreciates its local resources comes in citizens voting to take strategic action to enhance and grow through allocating their tax dollars through bond referendums. In 2014, City of Winston-Salem voters approved $139.2 million in funding for a series of bonds designed to improve the very communities in which they live. Now, nearly two years later, the evidence of those bonds at work has truly started to show in the Winston-Salem area with 33 of the 42 bonds completed and the remainder in various stages of development.

As a real estate expert, watching communities grow and invest in themselves tells me that the area has a strong economic backbone and a strong economics make for wonderful opportunities in property investment and sales.

So how did the residents of Winston-Salem vote to spend nearly $140 million to improve the community? Check out just a few of the exciting developments!

15 Park Upgrades and Renovations

Across the city, parks are getting a facelift and added facilities that will benefit residents and visitors for years to come. From the addition of splash parks at Sedge Garden Park and eight other locations to improved greens at the Winston Lake golf course, new restrooms at parks across the city, and improvements to facilities and pools, the areas where residents find rest and relaxation are truly getting an overhaul. Parks and recreational facilities are essential to building communities and keeping your costs down when working to find things to do within the community. As these resources advance, property values not only remain steady, but they often see gains.

200+ Street Resurfacing

Winston-Salem maintains over 2,100 lane miles of paved streets across the city, with an average quality rating of 85 for most of those surfaces. Maintaining that rating and our high quality transportation connectors takes time, attention, and careful planning. The resurfacing projects underway are designed to advance the quality of roadways and value to citizens.

Corridor Improvement Projects

Beyond mere resurfacing, projects underway include expansion of bike lanes, widening of heavily trafficked streets like Meadowlark Drive and Polo Road, and street light upgrades to areas of Highway 52 and Business 40. Each of these projects may make an impact in a small area, but together they advance the look, feel, and quality of life across our entire community.

Creative Corridors is another initiative that has been in the works for several years now to make all these updates a creative enhancement and recreation of our position as the City of Arts and Innovation through their reimagining of new bridges and walkways in and around Business 40 in downtown Winston-Salem.

Public Safety Advances

Police, rescue, and fire facilities are the quiet backbone that helps to keep everyone safe and secure in any community. Keeping those facilities and equipment up-to-date is essential to the growth of a city. From renovations to evidence labs and office spaces to additions to fire and police stations, nine bonds earmarked over $31 million in funding to keep those that protect and serve in top facilities. Strong and safe communities mean steadier property values and lots of great neighborhoods and property to consider when buying your next home.

Public Investment is Essential for a Happy Community

Want to learn more details or dive into improvements around a specific address or area of the city? Click through to the City of Winston-Salem Bond tracking website for easy and updated access to each of the bonds from a variety of perspectives.

Interested in checking out the home or other real estate opportunities across the city and region? Then give me a call at (336) 575-7249 and let’s start talking about which areas and resources might have neighborhoods or property nearby that would be a perfect fit for your needs. Lean on my expertise as we partner together to add your value to an already growing and dynamic community.

Posted on March 15, 2016 at 1:53 pm
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