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Last month, we focused on some of the best breweries in the Piedmont Triad of NC. This month, with┬áSpring just around the corner, let’s explore a few of my favorite wineries near me in the region. Wineries offer a relaxed environment for an afternoon out and local flavor with a deep history. Many of the vines currently growing in NC soil find their history in lands as far away as France and Italy. But before I share my top three wineries in the area, first a little history on how our region came to be known for wine over the past decade.

The Rich History of Wine in the Piedmont Triad

Much of the land currently used for growing grapes was once used to grow tobacco, but if you look further into history, much of the same land was used for grape production before tobacco found its heyday. The two crops align so well because they both require a long growing season and mineral-rich soil. In fact, in the early 20th century, NC was the nations top wine producing region. The shift to tobacco happened around the time of prohibition when demand for wine declined and soon NC became known for tobacco as a core cash crop.

As fate would have it, the decline of tobacco and acceptance of alcohol once again, led to conversion of the same land back to grape production. Today, NC ranks 9th in the nation for grape production with over 140 wineries. Those wineries generate over $1.28 billion annually and attract over 1.3 million tourists a year.

All this leads to a wonderful reason to buy property in the region and get settled amongst some fantastic wineries. Why not make plans now to explore a few wineries and experience the relaxing environment and rich history they have to offer, then when you are ready to start looking for property, let me be your partner and guide to this amazing region by calling me at 336-575-7249.

I’ll admit, selecting just three favorites for this post was tough, but these will get you started and when we chat about your property needs, I’ll be thrilled to share others which are just as fun to explore.

Raylen Vineyards

3577 Highway 158
Mocksville, NC 27028

Located in Mocksville, just a short drive from anywhere in the Piedmont area, Raylen offers 35,000 European varietal grapevines and a wide selection of vintages for every palette.

Childress Vineyards

1000 Childress Vineyard Road
Lexington, NC 27295

Yes, the name likely sounds familiar! NASCAR racing legend Richard Childress long dreamed of owning a vineyard and after searching across the U.S., decided on land just a few miles from his racing headquarters. Today, the vineyard provides over 72 acres of vines and produces over 30 wines. Known for their variety and quality, the wines produced by Childress since 2004 have been awarded over 750 gold and double gold medals. Their tasting room is also award winning so you’ll want to take the time to check it out.

Sanders Ridge Winery

3200 Roundhill Road
Boonville, NC 27011

Featuring a full restaurant called The Hearth, dine on locally and organic grown wonderful dishes while experiencing one of the most unique wineries in the region. Eager to stay a while longer? Consider one of their on-site cabins as a special treat! Looking for more adventure? No problem, soar high on their custom zip line! Want another reason to check this treasure out? Consider that the entire property is nestled amidst old growth forest and that the main winery is built almost entirely of wood harvested on property. Amazing wines and adventures truly await you at Sanders Ridge.

Which is your favorite winery in North Carolina?

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