Three Tips to Improve Home Buyer's First Impressions

We all know that seeing is believing, but for many who are trying to sell their home, understanding how to see their home through the eyes of potential buyers can be a difficult task. After all, most of us have lived in our home for a period of time which has allowed us to truly make them our own by incorporating our taste and personality. Yet potential buyers that come into our home may not see the world the way we do. You may have heard of the term ‘staging,’ a term which can refer to everything from the color of the walls and furniture placement to how pictures are placed on walls and even the lighting selection. Professional stagers can be a costly yet valuable investment during the selling process, but it probably will be worth the costs involved!

These insights have not only held true through my 25+ years of experience, but have also been used by real estate agents nationwide to quickly prepare homes for a good showing.

First Impressions Really Do Matter

From the moment a potential buyer pulls into your neighborhood, they begin assessing how well the area fits their needs and personality. These impressions continue as they pull up to your home and take full effect after they step over your threshold. Buyers who have a bad impression in any of these areas will be more hesitant to consider your property. To address these types of issues, you may have more power than you realize.

Neighborhood Associations and protective covenants and restrictions are your allies in sprucing up the neighborhood. Get in touch early and know your rights. On the homefront, ask several friends and/or family to provide their top three suggestions of easy and affordable ways to increase curbside appeal. Then, share the results of that mini-test with me, your real estate partner, and together we can work to select the best improvements to implement for a stellar first impression.

Plan for Right and Left Brain Thinkers

The vast majority of the market is left-brain dominant. Left brain thinkers are highly analytical and feed on organization. To appeal to these buyers, your home must be uncluttered and orderly. At the same time, elements that increase the flow and overall feel of a property will strongly appeal to the right-brain emotional side of buyers. These elements include paying attention to lighting and furniture placement.

Strive for Balance

Given the suggestions above, it may feel as if you will need to live in a sterile environment in order to sell your home, but that is simply not true. Yes, buyers desire attractive neighborhoods and clean homes, but they also want to see properties where they can honestly see themselves living day-to-day. Investing in temporary storage gives you an opportunity to not only clean up some of the clutter that accumulates over the years, but also gives you a head start on packing for your own move. To begin this process, go into each room and determine what the essential items are that must stay. For example, music and book collections can often be packed away without much impact on your daily living, as can specialty kitchen items.

If the only steps you took were those three insights above, the new you would be automatically positioned in a stronger place than many comparative properties in your area. Yet having a real estate partner with decades of experience can take this process to even greater heights and can smooth out the process and lessen your stress. Call me today at 336-575-7249 to get started preparing your home to ideally present to the market of buyers just waiting to call your home their own.


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