4 Unexpected Tips to Sell Your House Fast

Most people will not sell enough real estate in their lifetime to learn some of the tips and tricks of the trade that come with years of experience as a successful agent. Partnering with a real estate agent who not only knows the market and region, but who also is well-versed in the little shifts that can sell your home faster can make putting your home on the market an easier experience. I bring decades of experience and knowledge with me to every listing and engage that background to align your home with the market and set successful expectations. Keep reading for a few of my favorite tips that I’ve engaged over the years and then give me a call at 336-575-7249 to start working together to put a “sold” sign outside of your home.

Tip #1: Renovate Strategically

If you are going to invest in sprucing up your space for added impact on buyers, know where your return on investment will be highest and spend your budget in those areas first. Mid-range bathroom renovations consistently show high returns with an average of $1.71 in returns for every dollar spent.1 Conversely, spending money on kitchens and basements can put you behind on potential returns, partly due to the larger size, and therefore investment in, the space.

Beyond increased volume of work to renovate kitchens and basements, buyer preferences vary widely in terms of style and preferred use of space. Some may prefer a working kitchen, while others prefer more seating and the opportunity for a social setting. In basements, space is super versatile, so staging space can pigeon-hole buyers into thinking narrowly about what the space can be utilized for.

Tip #2: Price Psychology Works

Next time you are at a grocery store or gas station, take a close look at the prices of various items. Once you begin to look, you’ll notice that the numeral nine appears more frequently than any other digit. The power of the number nine is undeniable in sales. When it comes to real estate, listing with the numeral nine in the thousand digit sell between 4 days to a full week faster.1 For example, it is preferable to price a home at $229,000 over $230,000. This strategy works because the potential buyer’s mind anchors on the lower digit that precedes the nine. It may only be a $1000 difference in price, but it feels and seems larger to the buyer.

Tip #3: Purge Personal Items

No matter how good your style and taste, buyers need to focus on features of the home itself. Take listing your home as an opportunity to get a head start on packing away personal photos and campy décor that may have meaning for you, but would distract buyers. Regardless of their preferences, the buyer needs to be able to picture themselves with their items in your home. Remember that buyers are seeing if their home story will fit within the space, not how well your story is told. Frankly, the buyers care little about your memories and mementos, they are focused on their own perspective. Make that process of mental immersion easier by stripping your home of personal photos and trinkets.2

Tip #4: Boast About Bonus Features

Your home is a unique property and any efforts that pull buyer attention toward appliances, features, or unique elements that come with the sale only serve to enhance the viewing experience. One of the most affordable and easiest ways to do this is to place laser-printed cards near key items that remain with the home. Limit yourself to 5-10 highlights so you don’t overwhelm folks and focus on the best elements of the home.2

By now, you can see that little shifts and changes can impact how buyers view your home. These are just a handful of ways that extensive experience helps me to hone your home for a great selling experience. Give me a call at 336-575-7249 and let’s get started on the process of listing your home today.

Sources: (1) NY Post, Surprising Real Estate Tips ; (2) HGTV.com, Realtor Tips for Wowing Buyers

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