6 Tips for Prepping your Home for Sale in Summer

As summer gets fully underway, real estate buyers are on the hunt for new opportunities, new investments and new homes! Summer combines longer variations, good weather, children out of school, and natural outdoor bursts of color that get buyers motivated. My decades of experience have helped me to zero in on some of the most effective ways to enhance buyer experience on your property. Find some of my top tips below, then give me a call at 336-575-7249 to showcase your property in the best way for summer shoppers and get the market moving in your favor.

1. Keep it Cool

Many folks love to lounge in the sun, but the inside of a home is viewed as an oasis by buyers. Keep air moving by turning on ceiling and central air fans. Remember that opening and closing doors leads to escaped air, so set thermostats a few degrees cooler on open house or high traffic showing days.

2. Hospitality Goes a Long Way

Make visitors feel more like welcomed guests by incorporating touches of hospitality into their experience. Stock bottled water in the fridge and low crumb snacks such as fresh grapes and cheese cubes. Openly invite them to enjoy the snack and take a break from the sometimes exhausting pace at which house showings can run.

3. Accommodate Scheduling Requests

Buyers have busy summer schedules planned, packed with vacations and possibly summer camps on top of their normal workloads. Adjusting your schedule to accommodate showings at odd times of day or days of the week can go a long way towards bringing buyer to your property in the right frame of mind. Forcing buyers to fit into a restrictive schedule will only increase their stress and sense of a time crunch, two elements you don’t want when people are visiting your property.

4. Consider Pets

Pets with fur naturally shed more in hotter months, making the incidence of fluffy “tumbleweeds” on floors and in corners inevitable. Groom your pets more frequently and keep quick stick vacuums at the ready to tidy up before and between showings. Also respect that some people are allergic to pet dander by having a safe place to isolate animals during showings. Additionally, if you have a fenced yard, be sure to showcase this feature to potential pet owners who may be viewing your home.

5. Control Critters

Create a barrier around your home with insect sprays and look carefully for prime bee, wasp, carpenter ant, and termite nesting areas. Consider bringing in a professional service and negotiating a year-long treatment contract that ensures buyers the home will be pest-free for their first few months.

6. Brighten Up Rooms and Surfaces

Inside your home, look for ways to increase light throughout. Switch on lights in hallways and stairwells, switch out heavy curtains for more sheer coverings and retract mini-blinds fully. People associate summertime with light, so let that bright energy fill your home as much as possible.

Outside your home, rent a pressure washer or hire a professional service to power wash windows, decks, fences, and siding. Look at concrete surfaces and consider how much cleaner sidewalks, driveways, and walkways will look with a little work. Dirt and grime tend to accumulate in fall and winter, mold grows in cracks, and weeds find their way into edges and crevices. A day or two of work can transform and freshen your homes curb appeal for months to come.

The National Association of Realtors reported in April 2015 that existing home sales are at their highest levels since late 2013 and that all signs point to continued acceleration through the summer months. By taking a few steps and partnering with an experienced professional who knows the real estate market well, your home will shine in the eyes of buyers. Call me today at 336-575-7249 to learn more about how I can help you position your home for ideal showings throughout the summer.

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