Spring Landscaping Tips to Get Your Yard Ready for Home Showings

As weather warms up and buyers thaw out, the beauty of your yard can begin to shine once more. In order to make sure your yard is ready for Spring to arrive, it is important to take some steps to prepare the soil and foliage now for maximum beauty and impact.

Landscaping decisions are so important because 71% of buyers list curb appeal as important in their property buying decision, according to BankRate.com. Your yard offers the first impression, so taking the time now to prepare the soil for Spring landscaping is vital to great curb appeal.

Spring Landscaping Tips in North Carolina

  • The Piedmont Triad of NC is considered Zone 7 for planting, so look for plants that will fair well in our climate by reading labels and adding a few accent bushes to your yard
  • Cut back Liriope and other perennials to stimulate Spring growth
  • Prune only dormant trees and shrubs, avoiding anything that blooms in the Spring
  • Apply crabgrass preventer towards the end of the month to get a head start on a lush lawn
  • Select roses with various bloom times and get them rooted and spaced for wonderful presentation throughout the coming seasons
  • Divide and transplant perennials
  • Spruce up edging lines on bedding before growth begins

I know from experience that small steps can transform your buyer traffic and impressions. Get started with these tips that are designed for our unique climate. Then give me a call at 336-575-7249 and let’s discuss other ways to prepare your property for ideal presentation. The interest rates are low so it is time to buy before they get out of range.

Sources: Earth Graphics and Greensboro Gardens

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