3 Budget-Friendly Curb Appeal Ideas

For most buyers, first impressions are a big deal. From the moment they cruise by on the street or even stop with a REALTOR, they are looking for impact and opportunities to be wowed by your property.  What’s amazing is that a small budget can go a long way in creating immediate improvements in buyer impressions.

Get started by considering a few of my tested curb appeal ideas below, then give me a call 336-575-7249 to learn more ways to enhance curb appeal, property value, and how my over 25 years of expertise can jumpstart the selling process.

Update your Mailbox

Think about it, what is the first item you notice about an address you are going to visit? Many times, it is the mailbox because that is where house numbers are displayed.  Even before prospective owners shift their gaze to your yard and home, they notice your mailbox.

For super limited budgets, a can of paint and a few sheets of sand paper can spruce up a mailbox, but for only a few dollars more a total mailbox upgrade can transform the initial impression potential buyers receive. Consider a unique pole with fresh paint, a solid colored box and bright reflective house numbers.  If you doubt the impact of mailboxes, pay attention to them for a few days as you drive about and see how different they can be, and the impressions you have based on their condition. I think you’ll find that you soon agree that a few dollars spent literally curbside are well worth their impact.

Clean Up Yard Clutter

Yard art, overgrown plantings, uneven edging on bedding, hanging baskets that obstruct the view of a beautiful porch area; all these little items quickly add up to a diminished impression of your home from the moment someone pulls into the driveway. Stash statues and random yard décor in a shed, trim back plantings and thin out bedding so that plants feel spaced and planned.  Look at the edges of your bedding and consider cleaning up the edges with a weed-eater to cut a straight line separating the grass from the bedding.  For an affordable bonus, fill in spaces between plants and along the edge of the beds with fresh mulch.

Take an objective look at your yard and ask yourself what areas could use a little attention. It’s easy when you live somewhere to overlook plants that hang over railings or tree branches that hang down a little too close to the ground.  A few hours in your yard can quickly change the impression that your yard gives prospective buyers.

Stage your Front Door

This tip depends upon what kind of front door is on your home, but usually there is an opportunity to tweak the door area in some manner in order to increase impact. To get you started thinking about how you might stage your front door for buyers, consider these common areas that can quickly transform impressions:

  • Replace storm doors that have solid bottom panels with full glass storm doors, allowing the beauty of the front door to shine through.
  • Invest in beautiful handles and hardware. Flowing handle lines and high-end hardware feel great in a buyer’s hands and make an impression regarding the quality of furnishings and maintenance of the rest of the house.
  • Paint your front door with a color that accents and stands out from the house. If the door is natural wood, reseal and lacquer it to a fine finish. Attention to detail is important here, so consider hiring someone to remove the door to properly sand and repaint it.
  • Finally, fix any swing issues, from a handle that doesn’t easily turn to a door that is out of level and hard to swing open. Those little things can transform how a potential buyer views your home, even before they step inside.

Now that you have a taste of the types of affordable shifts you can make to quickly increase the appeal of your home to prospective buyers, give me a call at 336-575-7249 and let’s discuss the other ways you can improve the buyer experience, maximizing their emotional impact upon visiting your house, and placing yourself in a solid position for great offers and a quick sale.

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