Tap Into Your Creative Side in Winston-Salem

Winston-Salem is nicknamed the “City of Arts and Innovation” for good reason. The city and surrounding area are teeming with art galleries, beautiful architecture, hands-on studios, and a thriving arts community. From famous glass artist Harvey Littleton to artistic treasures imported from around the world to furnish Graylyn, world class art surrounds Winston-Salem residents.

This kind of thriving appreciation for art makes Winston-Salem the perfect place to find your next home. Whether you dream of a home filled with custom architectural accents or want enough land to have a stand-alone workshop, it takes the skilled eye and expertise of an experienced Realtor to bring that dream to life. My extensive real estate experience allows me to intently listen to your needs and then find you the perfect place that uniquely expresses your dreams.

Take a look around, find some inspiration, and then try your hand at creating a masterpiece of your own at some of the venues below. Then give me a call to get started on finding your dream home nestled in the middle of an art-loving community.

Sawtooth School for Visual Art


Built in 1911 as a manufacturing plant for Hanes Hosiery, the building gets its name from the unique jagged top roof that allows the flow of natural light. Today, the repurposed building is home to the only community art school in Winston-Salem. From a gift shop filled with custom creations of local artists to a gallery that has rotating displays, the building alone is worth a visit. For a more hands-on experience, Sawtooth offers a variety of art experiences for all experience levels. Classes range from “Taste of Art” experiences for a few hours on Friday evenings to 8-week long class schedules with access to top-quality equipment and instruction in everything from woodworking to pottery, stained glass, photography, painting, metalworking, and more.

Merlot and VanGogh


If an afternoon or evening with fellow artists, creating your own painting masterpiece is more your style, check out this unique venue where folks gather, enjoy wine, and learn to paint from skilled instructors. At the end of the step-by-step two hour painting session, you’ll walk away with your own painting and memories of a great time. Classes run Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, but you can book private parties and request a unique painting focus if desired.

Uncorked Masterpiece


If decorating raw pottery or canvas goods is more your style, then give this studio a try. Step into a space that inspires creativity by giving you the foundation pieces and allowing you to let your inner artist shine. Skilled guides are available to advise on technique, colors, and ideas, but you are in charge of which pieces you select and how you decorate them into fantastic designs and expressions.

The Olio


A recent addition to the Winston-Salem community, the Olio offers a hot glass blowing studio, workshops, and a gift shop that features upcycled and recycled items. Step inside to watch master glassworkers create or try your hand at a workshop that lets you get a taste of how to work with melted glass to create unique pieces of art.

Bring Out Your Artistic Side in Creative Winston-Salem

These are just a few of the unique and fun ways to let your creative side flow in Winston-Salem. Imagine living in a community that not only appreciates renowned artists, but encourages everyone to step in and get involved in letting their own unique creativity find expression. Give me a call today and I’ll work with you to find the perfect place to not only call home, but to house your creations and expressions from our many art venues.

Posted on October 21, 2014 at 12:33 am
Ellen Dudley | Category: Blog

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