4 Tips to Find the Best Multi-Family House Plans

Over the past 24 years, I’ve watched trends emerge and aligned buyers with the perfect space and helped sellers uniquely position their spaces for maximum impact.

One of the advantages to having extensive experience in the real estate market comes in knowing the variety of available home designs and how spaces have been transformed and repurposed by buyers over the years to accommodate changing needs.

Just as important is a depth of understanding, honed through working with buyers from all generations and backgrounds, which allows me to quickly assess and align homes with buyers in meaningful ways.

Changing Family Trends

National trends are showing that there are more generations living beneath one roof than ever before, with the most recent census data demonstrating that nearly 51 million Americans live in a household with at least two generations (1). That’s almost 16% of the total population and the Piedmont Triad is no exception to the trend.

Multi-Family House Plans in Winston-Salem

Our area offers home plans with the flexibility to accommodate several generations of a family under one roof, from historical homes with breeze-ways connecting separate quarters to more modern designs with a ‘home within a home’ feel, but you need to know where to look and what to consider to make your purchase a success.

If you have aging parents or ‘boomerang’ children, combining several generations under one roof can be challenging if the space is not properly considered. Adults of all ages require privacy and space. Homes where multiple generations are constantly bickering or tripping over each other’s preferences are not pleasant for anyone. Yet, successful multi-generational living is not only possible with the right planning and space, but can cause your family to thrive, enabling deeper conversations and relationships and saving on overall financial burdens.

Engaging me as your experienced realtor is necessary to align the unique needs of multi-generational living with appropriate properties that are dynamic and will grow and shift with your family.

4 Tips for Choosing the Best Multi-Family Home

To get started, it’s important to think through a few of the issues and areas you’ll need to consider, then give me a call to talk further about spaces in Winston-Salem and throughout the Piedmont Triad that would be perfect for your family estate.

1. Does the space offer the privacy and separation needed by each generation?

This includes space for creativity, seclusion, and storage.

2. How can the space transform as the family grows and changes?

Adult children may have children of their own, some spaces may be needed only part of the year due to college-age students, elderly parents may need step-free access to main parts of the house as they get older.

3. Where would alteration dollars be best spent to accommodate your families unique needs for the space?

Most traditional homes come with one kitchen, but multi-generational homes may wish to accommodate a second kitchen for use by another portion of the family. Other families prefer to have one large full-service kitchen and install a ‘morning’ kitchen in a suite, including a small refrigerator, sink, and microwave.

4. How flexible do your outdoor spaces need to be to accommodate all parties?

People often think about the interior of the home more than the outdoor living spaces, but a shared yard means deciding how to blend different preferences and styles with enough unique space to allow everyone to feel that this is truly their home. From walled-off private balconies and garden spaces to courtyards and extra exterior doors that lead to outdoor spaces, don’t forget to consider the yard and outdoor living spaces too.

Now that you have a few questions to ponder, you can see how choosing the right multi-family home plan requires the guidance and expertise of a realtor that knows the area and property offerings which would best suit your multi-generational needs. Give me, Ellen Dudley, a call at 336-575-7249 to get started in planning for and finding the perfect home for your family.

Source: (1) U.S. Census Report on Multigenerational Families 

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