3 Real Estate Tips You Need To Know

I’ve been working as a licensed real estate agent for 25 years, and with that experience comes wisdom about what really matters to the real estate market.  The recent economic slump and changes in how buyers and sellers interact make the role of a great real estate broker and partner more important than ever as you buy or sell property.  Having a realtor from a recognized global network of experts, such as my membership with RE/MAX, lets you lean on the agent/broker to know how to showcase, advise, and locate property.

Take a peek at a few of my top real estate tips as you consider a new home purchase or sale this year, then give me a call at 336-575-7249 and let’s talk about your real estate needs and how you can rely on me for an exceptional experience.

Consider Buyer Credits Instead of Remodeling

If you are planning to sell soon, you may not be able to recoup the cost of a remodeling effort during the sale. For example, Bankrate advises that a major bathroom remodel can run around $15,000, but only bumps up the resale value of a home by $10,000. However, buyers view credits as a way to make the home their own and take the pressure off of you to select which projects to engage. Ask me about my ideas on where your remodeling dollars are most powerful, and when credits are a stronger option for your property.

Make Sure Your Web Presence is Strong

On my website, BuyWinston-Salem.com, every home is showcased with high quality photography and key features. Buyers love being able to browse properties and sellers get the benefit of having their listings beautifully showcased. Industry surveys show that in today’s market, 4 out of 5 buyers will visit your home in a virtual/web-based environment before they see it in person. From knowing the best angles to photograph a room to putting up the kinds of pictures that buyers can’t resist clicking on, an experienced real estate partner will help you both search online for properties and position your current home for sale in a manner that connects with today’s market.

Know the Features that Matter to the Market

A recent survey by PulteGroup Home Index revealed that over a third of buyers are willing to give up features like close vicinity to public transportation, shopping, and entertainment and even top-rated school districts, in order to get access to certain on-site amenities. It takes the day-to-day experiences and knowledge of a real estate broker like me to know that those amenities include features such as: at least one bathtub in the home, move-in ready status, and eat-in areas in the kitchen. Those are just a few of the features you’d want to showcase, give me a call and let’s discuss what other features of your home should be emphasized in a listing.

Hope these real estate tips were helpful. If you have more questions or are ready to get started, contact me for your needs,  Ellen Dudley. REALTOR, RE/MAX Preferred Properties 336-575-7249

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