Do Good Fences REALLY Make Good Neighbors to your Home?

We’ve all heard the phrase, “good fences make good neighbors,” but the emphasis here is on the word ‘good.’   The earliest publication of this phrase, Robert Frost’s poem, “Mending Wall,” is 1916, but not much has changed since then when it comes to installing a good neighbor fence.

Considerations When Building A Good Neighbor Fence

Are you considering either installing a fence or buying a property with a fence in place?  Good fences can provide privacy, security, and aesthetic appeal.  And your neighbors will also appreciate a well-maintained fence.

My years of real estate experience have taught me that there are a few key areas you should always consider when looking at fences and making sure you have a GOOD fence in place – for you and your neighbors.  Take a look at my top tips below, then give me a call and let’s discuss the kinds of property you are looking to buy or sell.

Materials to Consider

  1. EXISTING FENCE: If you are buying a property that already has a fence in place, make sure you closely examine the quality of the footings and materials. Replacing fencing on a large yard can run several thousand dollars and you need to be prepared to budget if you’ll want to replace the fence in the first few years after purchase or negotiate with the seller regarding repairs and costs before closing. Having seen thousands of properties over my career, I can help you evaluate existing fences and make recommendations on properties we view. I can also recommend local licensed fencing contractors that can assist with repair or installation.
  2. NEW FENCE: In purchasing a new fence, consider both the purpose of the fence and the lifespan you desire. For example, wooden fences are great for privacy, but tend to decay faster than aluminum or vinyl, so your ongoing maintenance costs might run higher, especially if you live in an area with driller bees.
  3. Fences today come in endless designs and materials: wood, aluminum, steel, vinyl, chain link, wrought iron, post/rail, etc. Each offers advantages and drawbacks, so you have to balance aesthetics with function and durability with cost.

Regulations Must be Considered

  1. Beyond the city regulations, you’ll also want to carefully review your Covenants and By Laws if you live in a community with those regulations in place. Restrictive Covenants are designed to ensure the overall visual and community integrity of a section or neighborhood of homes. They not only dictate what you are legally allowed to install and the procedures you need to use in order to gain proper permission for work, but they also protect your property from a neighbor devaluing your property by altering their property in a way that violates the Covenants.
  2. Unless you are living in the county, most land within city limits will have some sort of regulations and restrictions regarding the type, height, and placement of fencing. Real estate agents are experts in helping locate regulations and laws so that you clearly understand what and where you can erect a fence.

Timing Tips to Save You Money

  1. In general, fencers in areas with cooler weather in the Fall and Winter months tend to see a slow down during these times of year. A good fencer will have equipment and products that will allow them to drill into frozen ground, effectively set posts, and erect a fence in the ‘off season’ at a rate more reasonable than prime season. You get the same great service and materials, at a lower cost due to providing work for their crews in the slower months—everyone wins!
  2. Planning ahead is always a good idea. Most customers tend to think about fencing near the time they start to think about going outdoors all the time: Spring and Summer. The fencing industry ebbs and flows in workload throughout the year, so if you can plan ahead and be patient, you may be able to save some dollars on your repair or installation project.

These areas just touch the surface of things to consider when looking at what makes for good fences.

Fencing in Winston-Salem

The Piedmont Triad has fencers that can install and repair every kind of fence discussed in this article and a variety of properties and zoning that fit every kind of residential fencing need.  Give me a call and share your fencing needs and desires regarding property and let me show you a few properties that are sure to align.

And remember, if I am not in your region, I can connect you with a trusted realtor partner in your area.  Give me a call at  336.575.7249  and let’s get started today.

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