4 Home Security Basics You Need to Know

It is so exciting to buy a new home. New neighbors, new nearby restaurants and shops, new schools for the kids, new jogging route and even a new drive to work. With all of this newness, how can one not be excited to get started decorating the home and making it your own? But in addition to the fun things that come with a move into a new home there is also the need to protect all these nice new memories you are about to make and all the contents in your home, most importantly your loved ones.

Home Security Basics

There are a lot of easy things you can do to make sure your home is safe and secure from intruders and other dangers and here are just a few to get you started.

Lock your Doors and Windows

It sounds like common sense but you would be amazed how many people leave their homes unlocked or easily accessible, ground-floor windows unlocked to allow burglars easy entry into your home. So lock up!

Invest in a Monitored Home Security System

With so many treasure belongings in your new home, you will want to keep them all (stuff, family and pets) safe with the best home security system you can afford. And one of the most important keys to finding a top-notch alarm system is to look for one that connects via dedicated cellular technology to an offsite central monitoring station so that should an emergency arise, the proper channels will be notified to act quickly. Whether it be a fire, a burglary or even a flood from a broken water pipe while you are away on vacation, it is essential that the issue is communicated quickly and you are able to work with the police or fire department to take action quickly. Sure the home security system might cost you a little more per month but it will be worth it when you consider up to 20% savings on homeowner’s insurance, the safety of your family and home as well as the added knowledge needed to act quickly in the case of emergency to prevent further damage.

What’s the Best Home Security System?

There are so many options out there for home alarms so how do you decide which is the best home security system? When our house got broken into I researched away and ran into a ton of different articles, most of which had similar info in their reviews. Companies and their offerings have changed over the years but it is important to look for a review that is up-to-date and considers the ranking factors that are most important to you. In addition to helpful home alarm recommendations, the site should provide education on what you need to think about when choosing a home security system for you and your new home. It never hurts to ask your neighbors, friends and family for recommendations too. This category can be very complex so make sure you understand what you are buying before you sign on the dotted line.

Meet Your Neighbors

And don’t forget to take time to get to know your neighbors to see who can be trusted to keep a watchful eye on your home when you are away. This can be helpful especially for the hours you will be at work since the majority of break-ins actually happen during broad daylight. Also let the trusted neighbors know when you will be away for more than a day or two on vacation so they can be more watchful than normal. And don’t forget to let the USPS to stop your mail during these extended absences as well so the mail does not pile up, another signal to burglars that you are away.

Welcome Home

So, now that you have taken care of the safety side of moving into your new home, go ahead and relax. It is time to enjoy all the hard work that got you into this new home and start making new memories in your beautiful, new home. Stay safe and welcome home.

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