11 Home Safety Tips To Make You Feel More Secure

Whether you are moving into a new home or trying to make your current home more secure, here are 11 home safety tips  you can put into action today:

Home Safety Tips

1. Don’t leave notes for family or friends outside your home.
2. Don’t leave tools or ladders lying around your yard since impulse burglars can use them to gain access into your home.
3. Install sensor lights at all outside entrances.
4. Remove any shrubs or trees next to your home that could hide a potential burglar from sight.
5. Install a security system, and make sure all members of your household know how to use it.
6. Install dead bolt locks on your outside doors and make sure all door hinges are on the inside.
7. Lock garage doors and sliding glass doors every night and whenever you are away from home.
8. Don’t hide keys outside your home, such as in your mailbox, under doormats or above doorways. Burglars usually know where they are.
9. If you’re planning to go away, either have your mail picked up by a trusted neighbor or have your local post office stop delivery until you get back. You’ll also want to cancel any other regular deliveries such as newspapers.
10. Tell relatives or neighbors when you’ll be back and let them know where you can be reached in an emergency.
11. If you have a land line, turn the telephone and answering machine volume down when you go out so burglars can’t hear that no one’s  home.
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